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Gas Transfer with the NanoBooster

The "NanoBooster"
       Check this link for a review of this terrific little booster.

Adding O2 to the on-board cylinders via the Gordon Smith "NanoBooster"
       A standard 100 cu ft bottle (compressed air) is being used to drive the booster.

More of the IDA-72 being filled with O2
       The scrubber is partially disconnected and deflected to the side and the Apeks regulator has been disconnected for gas addition to the 2-liter O2 bottles.

Tri-mix Gas Supply
       This is an image of the two gas supply cylinders at the rear of my home, located near the LPG meter & tank (for the home water heater).

*Note to self: refrain from boosting LPG into O2 cylinders (not conducive for life support), both w/ LH threads!

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