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IDA-72 Counterlung

The unmodified counterlung
       This image shows the two inhale ports and two exhale ports, the center-mounted overpressure relief valve, and the oxygen inlet port.

Preparation for Dräger P-connector
       Tools used in removal of a section of the counterlung and the removed section.

Preparation for Dräger P-connector
       The cut counterlung. Many positions considered prior to the careful cutting (more than a bit nervous in making this irremediable cut).

Dräger P-connector with internal locking ring
        The Dräger P-connector, used to connect the O2 sensor array to the counterlung.

Dräger P-connector
        Close-up view of the installed Dräger P-connector.

Dräger P-connector
        Dräger P-connector with dust cap for use when the O2 sensor array is removed.

Modified Counter Lung
        The Dräger P-connector installed.

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