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IDA-72 DSV & Hoses

Original Hoses & Connectors
        These are the original ponderous Russian hoses which are double walled, actually one hose within the other (in the above image the center hose has been removed from inside the lower hose). The hoses are designed to allow hot water, coming from the inhalation side of the breathing plenum and supplying it to the breathing hoses. This keeps the inspired gas warm enough to prevent hypothermia in conditions of extreme cold. Hot water flows along the length of the hose, and then dumped to the sea at the DSV through the exhaust ports.

Original DSV
        This is the original Russian DSV with the inhale/exhale valves.

Hot Water Hose
        The above image shows the hot water hose feeding into one of the DSV hoses.

        This is Gordon Smith's relatively new DSV Snog Valve that allows hands free addition of 02 or diluent via a lever actuated by the divers tongue, note the markings on the front and the feed lines coming in both sides of the DSV, you can also actuate the add valves with a finger push on the front of the unit. Incidentally, "snog" is a British word for French kiss.

        This is a mouthpiece view of the tongue-actuated lever for the addition of diluent or Oxygen to the breathing loop.

DSV Hose Weights
        These are the terrific stainless hose weights* used on the Dräger Ray hoses.

DSV & Hoses
        I'm using Dräger Ray hoses with the DSV, in conjunction with the installed hose weights* illustrated in the previous image. The green hose is of course the O2 line and the blue hose is for diluent.

* Available from Paul Raymaekers (Belgium) at:

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