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Photo taken on 26 May, 2004, outside of RFB's Okinawa residence.
IDA-72 (KISS-modified CCR)
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Welcome to Bob Bolland's Okinawa Rebreather Site!

        By way of introduction, this is a home page involving rebreather (RB) diving here in the Western Pacific waters of sunny Okinawa. My intention is primarily concerned in showing a series of steps involved with the assembly of a greatly modified Russian IDA-72 Semi-Closed Circuit Rebreather (SCCR), originally designed to be fed by an umbilical for surface-supplied or saturation diving using Heliox. The original unit, obtained from Dave Sutton, has now been converted into a true closed circuit rebreather (CCR) using trimix gases. The rig has been converted into a KISS diving unit using Gordon Smith's KISS Valve. It should be pointed out that the majority of the modifications seen on these pages are from those suggested by Dave Sutton.

       If you're new to rebreathers I'd suggest you take a look at the rebreather disclaimer link.

       At some time in the future I'd like to feature photos as well as additional information with other rebreather divers and systems here in Okinawan waters.

        There are currently several first rate web sites which are providing RB home builders with a wealth of utility and information. See this link for at least some of these resources.

        If you're not acquainted with Okinawa, I've included a short physical and climatic description of Okinawa and its parental island group, the Ryukyus Archipelago, as well as a weather map viewer showing storms anywhere in the world. Also, a JMA (Japanese Meteorological Agency) site which allows you to view a current satellite weather map, I've also included a section dealing with some environmental problems associated with the local marine environment in this part of the Western Pacific.

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  • Here's a link to my Okinawa Slug Site,
    featuring the opisthobranch molluscs in which I'm interested in.
  • Also, here's a link to my Okinawa Marine Invertebrate Site.

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            I'm interested in your comments concerning my approach in modifying and assembling the IDA-72. I'd certainly be receptive in receiving constructive feedback and comments regarding the site. Drop me a line at the following address:

    Robert F. Bolland, University of Maryland University College / Asian Division

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