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Chassis Plumbing

[Thanx to Dave Sutton for the suggested modifications to the rig]
Chassis Plumbing
        Lines from the overpressure relief valve. One of the two lines leaving the tee connector goes to the
switching block, the other to the regulator on the breathing plenum.

Chassis Plumbing
        Counterlung attachment line.

Chassis Plumbing
       The overpressure relief valve, described with the image
below, is seen here on the outside of the shell at the upper part of the image.

Overpressure Relief Valve
       This is the overpressure relief valve. Originally the IDA-72 was designed to be fed by either surface or diving bell supplied gases via an umbilical line. In the modified version above the original umbilical feed is replaced with a line (covered with a black hose-protector in the image) coming from the helium bottle (or in the case of a problem, from a bail-out bottle via a QD coupling). I've kept the overpressure relief valve in the modified rig as it prevents a high-pressure problem from one of the regulators (bail-out or He) from causing any damage.

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