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Apeks DS-4 Regulator With Blanking Plug
        The DS-4 has had the depth compensating diaphragm replaced with a rigid blank Delrin plug made for me by Dave Sutton. The plug insures that the regulator doesn't deliver an undesired increasing mass flow rate of oxygen as the depth increases. A DIN adaptor is used to connect the DS-4 to the O2 source.

DS-4 In Position
        The DS-4 regulates O2 coming from the twin connected O2 bottles. Oxygen is directed through stainless steel tubing from the LH bottle valve to a DIN adaptor, regulator, and then into the DSV (via the green hose). Also, there is a uni-directional fill valve visible at top of the RH bottle (the valve cap is inverted and lying loose near the valve).

Russian Regulator on the Breathing Plenum
        The original regulator sits on top of the breathing plenum. The two hot water ports
seen on the right side of the plenum are plugged.

Russian Regulator Without Diaphragm
        This is an shot of the Russian regulator from the previous image with the retainer and diaphragm removed.

Old Vs. New Diaphragms
        The left image is one taken of the original Russian diaphragm, which was in poor shape. I fortunately found a near perfect replacement diaphragm (RH image: Mares #1185056) for the faulty original.

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