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Rebreather Resources

       There are currently several first rate web sites which are providing rebreather divers with a wealth of utility and information. The following are some of these which I've found of interest:

  • Diver Dave's Rebreather Site.
  • Gordon Smith's KISS Rebreather and gas booster pages.
  • The Rebreather Web Page
  • Closed Circuit Rebreathers. An excellent quick source of Rebreather information.
  • Dr. Bobs Diving Site
  • Rebreather Mailing List
  • Åke's Rebreather Pages
  • Tom Rose's Pages
  • Delta P Technologies, the VR-3 mixed gas closed circuit dive computer
  •, supplier for valves, SS braided lines and lots of other items
  • Dräger Diving Equipment
  • OxyCheq O2 analyzers and sensors
  • Innerspace Systems Makers of the Megalodon CCR
  • GAS - Diving Equipment Configuration
  • Many links at: MSTD (Mediterranean Sea Technical Divers)
  • See: Karl's Rebreather Page
  • Reduced Gradient Bubble Model from Abyss ]

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