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IDA-72 Scrubber

Capped fill ports

        The scrubber is huge, probably designed due to the potentially long-duration dives performed in the surface supplied mode of operation. This is perhaps a 10-plus hour scrubber using the proper media. The scrubber is essentially two axial scrubbers in a single housing. The system is partitioned internally and the two bays are internally isolated. Each of the two bays of the scrubber are filled separately through their own filler port. The scrubber is removed by twisting four spring-loaded retainers 90 degrees and lifting it from the chassis.

Scrubber Dimensions
32.5cm x 20cm x 20cm (12.8in x 7.8in x 7.8in)

Uncapped fill ports
        Open ports show the CO2 absorbent medium (Dräger Sorb).

Inhale and exhale ports
        This view shows the internal portions of the scrubber at the point where the counter lung inhale / exhale ports attach (inhale on left, exhale on right).

Scrubber Retainer
        This is a close-up view of one of the four spring-loaded retainers which secure the scrubber to the two on-board oxygen bottles. The scrubber is removed by twisting the retainers 90 degrees and lifting it from the chassis. This is well engineered; by unsnapping the four retainers and disconnecting the two counterlung hoses the scrubber may be easily removed from the chassis.

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