Aegires gardineri (Eliot, 1906) [76mm]

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Species Account:

        Aegires gardineri * is considered to be uncommon on Okinawa; I have collected a total of thirteen individuals since the Summer of 1987, the majority of which were found at Horseshoe Cliffs. There are three species of Aegires found here which are superficially similar in external morphology; the three species are:

  • A. citrinus
  • A. gardineri (the above featured animal)
  • A. serenae
  •         Aegires citrinus, is similar in form to A. gardineri but the former can readily be separated from A. gardineri by its solid yellow color; the later by the presence of black pigment patches. A. serenae is considerably dissimilar in appearance from the other two species; see the species description on the page featuring A. serenae. All three animals are sponge feeders and are frequently found associated with calcareous sponges belonging to the genus Leucetta.

    * Aegires serenae was originally featured on these pages as Notodoris gardineri Eliot, 1903. A recent paper by Fahey & Gosliner (2004) has proposed a taxonomic change to replace the name Notodoris with that of Aegires and the above featured animal follows their proposed taxonomy.

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