Aeolidiopsis harrietae Rudman, 1982 (13mm)
Photo by Atsushi Ono

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Frequency on Okinawa: Collection Data:
[brackets indicate range for all Okinawa-collected specimens of the species]

Species Account:

        I've not personally seen Aeolidiopsis harrietae here in the waters of Okinawa's main island, however Atsushi Ono mentions (pers. comm.) that the above featured animal is only one of two animals seen and collected by him in the Keramas* and Atsushi of course considers the species to be very rare there. Atsushi reports collecting this aeolid from a shallow reef. I've added a second page with an additional image of A. harrietae, a lateral close-up image of the head, also kindly furnished by Atsushi. The two specimens collected by Atsushi were not noted to be in association with a known prey zoanthid, Palythoa sp.

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