Atagema intecta (Kelaart, 1858) 38mm

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        Atagema intecta was previously featured on the Okinawa Slug Site (27 September 2000) as Trippa intecta. In a recent paper by Valdés & Gosliner (2001) the authors regard the genera Trippa and Atagema as synonyms and have selected the name Atagema to have precedence over Trippa. In as much as it's time to update the much earlier page, I've decided to following the Valdés & Gosliner paper in using Atagema intecta.

        Atagema intecta is considered to be uncommon on Okinawa; although only three specimens have been collected, I've seen perhaps an additional dozen or so, but they were neither photographed nor collected. The species is widespread in the Indo-West Pacific and it is usually a dark brown color with a mid-dorsal, longitudinal white line. The above featured animal illustrates the characteristic spiculate tubercles (caryophyllidia) on the mantle. There are frequently small white spots scattered over the mantle, gills and rhinophores. The white mid-dorsal stripe on an elevated crest serves to distinguish this moderately-sized dorid from all others found on Okinawa.

        As of the current date, early October 2016, there are four caryophyllidia-bearing dorids found in Okinawan waters. These four dorids are:

        Atagema intecta is not a favorite of underwater photographers as the dark colored animals are at best, difficult to properly expose on film. I'm afraid the above image is an example of this.

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