Berthella martensi (Pilsbry, 1896) 58mm

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        Berthella martensi should be considered uncommon on Okinawa. I've collected a total of 52 individuals between May 1984 and January 1995 (many used in conjunction with a research paper*). The majority (46) of the specimens were collected from Horseshoe Cliffs, the rest (5) from Seragaki. It is worthy to note that no individuals were collected during the months of August through December; March, April, and May yielded 19, 11, and 12 specimens, respectively. The animals found in shallow water were associated, for the most part, with a mixed live/dead stony coral reef environment; those animals collected from deeper waters usually on vertical, invertebrate-covered walls at the reef drop off. It is concluded from these observations that members of the species are quite variable in both habitat and depth.

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