Cadlinella ornatissima (Risbec, 1928) 20mm

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Species Account:

        Cadlinella ornatissima is a terrific-looking little chromodorid, and one that is most remarkable because of the elaborate ornamentation in the form of distinctive purple-tipped tubercles, found on the mantle. C. ornatissima is considered uncommon on Okinawa; I've collected a total of eighteen individuals, since the first specimen was collected in April of 1987, although others have been seen and photographed without being collected.

        Cadlinella ornatissima is one of two described species of Cadlinella here on Okinawa's main island, the other species is C. subornatissima. I do however have two currently undetermined specimens which may turn out to be C. hirsuta Rudman, 1995.

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