Ceratosoma miamirana (Bergh, 1875) size unrecorded, ca. 60mm

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        Ceratosoma miamirana is considered to be very rare here on Okinawa as I have collected only a single individual over a period of many years of diving here. The above featured animal was one which was photographed, but unfortunately not collected. The single collected specimen was found at the same site, Horseshoe Cliffs, in 15 feet on 28 June, 1994. One additional animal was seen here during a previous dive but it was neither photographed nor collected.

        Valdés & Gosliner (1999) have recently incorporated this animal into the genus Ceratosoma (prior to this the animal was known as Orodoris miamirana), and they provide a good argument for doing so.

        Although I've only seen three individuals of C. miamirana, the species is unlike any others found here. The dorso-ventrally compressed broad body in conjunction with the irregular "saw-tooth" margin of the notum serves to distinguish the species from any other Okinawan dorid.

        As of this writing (April, 2001) C. miamirana is one of seven species of Ceratosoma known from Okinawan waters. The seven species identified to date are:

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