Chelidonura amoena Bergh, 1905 (29mm)

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        Chelidonura amoena is considered to be uncommon on Okinawa. Although I've collected a total of only nine individuals over a period of many years here, I've certainly seen quite a few additional individuals. C. amoena is one of seven described members of the genus known from Okinawan waters. The seven species found here are:

        Willan and Cattaneo-Vietti (1995) point out that Chelidonura amoena exhibits considerable variation in color and that pigmentation of the caudal lobes is the most variable of the species' coloration. The featured animal above is typical of the color pattern commonly seen here, although some individuals are very melanistic and the broad golden yellow band bordering the head and caudal lobes is sometimes very light.

        The only Chelidonura species found here which might sometimes be confused with C. amoena is C. inornata, but the broad white frontal band of C. inornata combined with the orange anterior lateral corners effectively segregates the two species.

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