Chromodoris cf. africana Rudman, 1982 (35mm)

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        Chromodoris cf. * africana is considered to be very rare on Okinawa as the above specimen is the only individual I've seen here on Okinawa's main island. It was collected from a live stony coral reef amid spur and groove formations during a high spring tide while on a late morning Scuba dive.

        In external color Chromodoris cf. africana is remarkably similar to some specimens of C. africana from the western Indian Ocean and Bill Rudman has this undetermined animal featured on the Sea Slug Forum, where he points out the following differences between the two animals:

In the eastern Indian Ocean and western Pacific there is a 'species' of Chromodoris, very similar in external colour to Chromodoris africana from the western Indian Ocean. It often has some blue in the background colour and the black bands are often broken and less regular than in C. africana. One other difference seems to be that whereas in C. africana the two inner white longitudinal bands connect with the outer white band at the anterior end, in C. cf. africana the black forms a transverse band anteriorly blocking the white bands inside the black region from joining the outer white band.

The radular teeth have a number of morphological differences from C. africana. In C. africana, the innermost lateral tooth on each side has 3-4 inner denticles and no outer denticles, and the other lateral teeth can have a few small outer denticles, but at the base of the tooth, or none. In comparison, Chromodoris cf. africana the innermost lateral tooth has up to 5 inner and outer denticles, and the other lateral teeth have up to 7 prominent outer denticles.
* cf. See a short page, Miscellaneous Abbreviations, for an explanation.

        Rudman (1982) described Chromodoris cf. africana from Western Australia (six specimens).

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