Chromodoris aspersa Gould, 1852 (16mm)

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Frequency on Okinawa:
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[brackets indicate range for all Okinawa-collected specimens of the species]

Species Account:

        Chromodoris aspersa is a relatively common chromodorid found in many areas within the Indo-Pacific and it is certainly common on Okinawa; I've collected thirteen specimens over many years of diving here, but indeed many additional animals have been seen but not collected.

        The featured animal above was collected from three meters amid a live stony coral reef, where it was found crawling beneath a branching Acropora coral. My experience with Chromodoris aspersa is to usually find it in a shaded part of the reef, typically in shallow, shaded parts of the reef. The border color is variable as are the number of dark spots on the dorsum. The accompanying photograph is typical of the color and pattern of the Okinawan material. The only other similar appearing chromodorid found here that resembles C. aspersa (but only superficially) is Mexichromis multituberculata, but of course the prominent pigmented tubercles of the later, versus the smooth spots of C. aspersa effectively segregate the two.

Copyright © 1999 Robert F. Bolland
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