Chromodoris roboi Gosliner & Behrens, 1998 (17mm)

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Species Account:

        This very attractive chromodorid was originally featured at this URL as an unknown opisthobranch of the week (Chromodoris sp. 1); I'm happy to say the animal has now been recently described (Gosliner & Behrens, 1998) as Chromodoris roboi. The accompanying photograph is one featuring the holotype (CASIZ 079346), deposited at California Academy of Sciences.

        This very attractive chromodorid is considered to be rare on Okinawa as I have collected a total of nine individuals between April, 1987 and June, 1993. All individuals were collected from the same site (Horseshoe Cliffs). They were collected from both mixed sand/strewn coral rubble and vertical walls covered with miscellaneous invertebrates at the reef edge. The animal was first observed on Okinawa during April, 1987. Two more were seen during the same year; none were observed during the years 1988 and 1992. The last recorded observation of the animal was made during June of 1993.

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