Colpodaspis sp. 1 (3~4mm)
Photo by Atsushi Ono

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[brackets indicate range for all Okinawa-collected specimens of the species]

Species Account:

        Colpodaspis sp. 1 is unknown at the time of this writing (mid-March '13) in the waters of Okinawa's main island. Atsushi Ono reports this species to be rare in the Keramas. * He reports (pers. comm.) that he's seen perhaps four or five individuals but has not collected any specimens. I've added a second page with an additional image of a different individual, also photographed by Atsushi. These images of Colpodaspis sp. 1 are used with Atsushi's kind permission.

        Previously on these pages a described species of Colpodaspis was featured, C. thompsoni, also photographed in the Keramas by Atsushi.

        The following information concerning the Family Diaphanidae is taken from Gosliner, et al (p. 19, 2008):

Diaphanidae represents a group of cephalaspideans that share the absence of gizzard plates. It is likely that this is not a natural group that derive from a common ancestor, but rather a cluster of taxa that are a[sic] united because nobody knows where else to put them, a so-called "garbage can" group. Further evolutionary studies are required to determine where these species belong.

Literature Cited:

        * Keramas = the Kerama Islands Group, located 30 ~ 40 kilometers west of the Okinawa capitol, Naha.

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