Dendronotus cf. gracilis Baba, 1949 (size not recorded, ca. 30mm)

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Species Account:

        This small attractive bornellid has been collected twice by myself in Okinawan waters and is considered to be very rare in the waters of Okinawa's main island as I've collected only two individuals, both SCUBA-collected from relatively deep waters. Both specimens were collected in the same general locale in an identical environment. Specifically, the above featured animal was found crawling on a small slab of coral rubble in an area of mixed sand and coral rubble during conditions of relatively strong bottom currents and reduced visibility, probably caused by a high spring tide experienced during the dive. The collection area is one which is near the edge of a rapid drop-off into deep water (100m plus). I've added a second page with several images of both of the collected individuals as well as an image of Baba's animal (Baba, 1949), Dendronotus gracilis.

        I've previously featured on these pages two unknown Dendronotus species: unknown #1 and unknown #2.


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