Dendrodoris fumata (Ruppell & Leuckart, 1830) 47mm

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        Dendrodoris fumata, much the same as other members of the genus, has a soft, slimy-feeling body. Okinawan specimens range from a deep red color to a decidedly pink color; I've included two additional images, illustrating some modest color variation. The above featured animal was found during a minus tide "reef walk" at approximately 13:00pm. Two animals (47mm & 55mm) of the same color were found side by side (however, not mating), as a slab of rubble was overturned. Brodie, Willan, & Collins (1997) recognize three anatomically indistinguishable color forms of D. fumata (grey, black and orange/red forms). The authors point out that the orange/red form has been widely recognized under the name rubra by numerous authors and is considered to be a synonym of D. fumata.

        D. fumata is considered to be rare on Okinawa as I've collected a total of six individuals since the first was collected in March of 1987. Several others have been seen but neither collected nor photographed.

        Dendrodoris fumata is one of eight described species of Dendrodoris found on Okinawa. The eight species are:

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