Dendrodoris sp. 2 (20~30mm, estimated)
Photo by Shawn Miller

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Species Account:

        Dendrodoris sp. 2 is considered to be very rare in the waters of Okinawa's main island. I've never personally seen this animal here and the photographer, Shawn Miller, mentions the above featured animal is the only one he's seen. This attractive Dendrodorid is similar to the North American D. behrensi seen on both Mike Miller's Slug Site and Bill Rudman's Sea Slug Forum. Dendrodoris sp. 2 has larger and darker more uniform brown spots than those seen in D. behrensi. Shawn found the animal on a live coral reef during a night dive and his images are used here with his kind permission. I've also added a second page with an additional image of Shawn's animal.

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