Dermatobranchus ornatus (Bergh, 1874) 63mm

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Species Account:

        Dermatobranchus ornatus is considered to be very rare on Okinawa as I have seen and collected a total of only three individuals; all three animals were simultaneously collected, as they were found, in a fairly tight ball wound about each other. They were found in an area of mixed sand, coral ruble and a large patch of Caulerpa sp. algae. I've added an additional page showing the other two collected individuals as well as a group photo of all three variably pigmented animals together. Some members of the species possess large tubercles having elevated orange rings; Wolfgang Seifarth has a terrific photograph from the Red Sea of one of the orange-ringed animals on his German Slug Site.

        As of the current date (Early-April, 2014) thirteen described species of Dermatobranchus from Okinawa's main island and the Keramas are featured on these pages. These thirteen species are:

  • D. albus
  • D. caeruleomaculatus
  • D. cymatilis
  • D. dendronephthyphagus
  • D. diagonalis
  • D. fasciatus
  • D. fortunatus
  • D. funiculus
  • D. gonatophora
  • D. oculus
  • D. ornatus - The featured animal above
  • D. primus
  • D. rodmani
  • I do have, however, a series of considerably smaller unidentified members of the family which seem to be quite dissimilar and are perhaps undescribed species.

            A vote of thanks is due to Bill Rudman for kindly identifying the above featured beautiful animal in a Sea Slug Forum posting (8 August, 2000).

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