Discodoris cf. palma Allan, 1933 (42mm)

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        Discodoris cf.* palma is considered to be very rare in the waters off Okinawa's main island as I have seen and collected only the above featured animal. Discodoris cf. palma appears to be very similar to Discodoris palma illustrated in Marshall & Willan (1999, fig. 125, p. 219). See also Willan & Coleman (1984, p. 37, fig. 111). Richard Willan (pers. comm., 2003) suggested that although the featured above animal certainly resembles D. palma, because of the geographical separation (an Australian endemic?) and lack of anything currently known in-between, it would be perhaps best to list the Okinawa animal as Discodoris cf. palma.

        The Okinawa specimen was collected in an area of mixed silty-sand and coral rubble during a mid-day SCUBA excursion from five feet. It was found on the undersurface of a slab of coral rubble as it was overturned.

        Three additional described Discodoris species are known from Okinawa's main island. These are:

        In addition, I have the following two unidentified Discodoris species featured as well:


* cf. See a short page, Miscellaneous Abbreviations, for an explanation.

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