Doto sp. 3 (4mm)

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        Doto sp. 3 is considered to be very rare on Okinawa's main island as I have collected only a single individual. The above featured animal was collected from an area of strewn coral rubble along with numerous thallophytes and hydroids. I originally made a "grunge collection" composed of several Zip-Loc bags full of miscellaneous algae and hydroids. Several hours later at home while examining the material in a sorting pan, I found the featured animal.

        The above image is the best of only a few Kodachromes taken of Doto sp. 3 and is of poor quality; the original slide was taken at four times life size (4:1) with a 105mm lens in conjunction with a set of bellows.

        In addition to Doto sp. 3, I've collected at least seven unknown Doto species from Okinawa's main island and I've featured a series of described and unknown Doto species previously on these pages. These Doto species are profiled on the following links:

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