Doto sp. 5 (ca. 0.5mm)

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        Doto sp. 5 is considered to be very rare on Okinawa as I have seen and collected only the above lone individual. The above image is less than sharp but it was shot at six times life size (6:1) with a 105mm lens in conjunction with a set of bellows. The animal was collected from the Tengan Pier dive site, from relatively large concrete pilings near the end of a long pier. The pilings were densely covered with miscellaneous invertebrates, including hydroids, sponges, oysters, and bryozoans. The featured animal was collected from a single feather-like hydroid colony. Incidentally, in addition to Doto sp. 5 there were two additional unknown Doto species found simultaneously on the same hydroid (Doto sp. 2 and Doto sp. 3, see links below).

        In addition to Doto sp. 5, I've collected at least seven unknown Doto species from Okinawa's main island and I've featured a series of described and unknown Doto species previously on these pages. These Doto species are profiled on the following links:

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