Doto cf. racemosa Risbec, 1928 (4mm)

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        Doto cf.* racemosa is considered to be very rare on Okinawa's main island as only a single individual has been collected. The above poor image is marginally acceptable, but in fairness to myself, it was taken at a 5.1:1 reproduction ratio using a pair of stacked bellows on a 105mm macro lens, which of course doesn't lend itself to a great deal of depth of field and resolution. The specimen was taken from an interface of mixed rubble and open sand. The specimen itself was found crawling on the wall of a sorting pan later at home; the contents of the pan were from a collection bag, i.e., a Zip-Loc bag, containing numerous "feather hydroids" and bryozoans.

        Doto cf. racemosa would appear to be very similar to D. racemosa shown in Marshall & Willan (1999, fig. 240), however, the Okinawa specimen (D. cf. racemosa) has translucent rhinophores, while D. racemosa has rhinophores which are brown with white tips. Richard Willan (pers. comm.) mentions that the Indo-Pacific species of Doto haven't yet been tackled by anyone so the limits of intraspecific variability for D. racemosa are unknown.

        In addition to D. cf. racemosa, I've collected at least seven unknown Doto species from Okinawa's main island and I've featured a series of described and unknown Doto species previously on these pages. These Doto species are profiled on the following links:

* cf. See a short page, Miscellaneous Abbreviations, for an explanation.

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