Elysia cf. bennettae Thompson, 1973 (26mm)

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        Elysia cf.* bennettae is considered to be very rare on Okinawa as I have seen and collected only two specimens from Okinawa's main island. The above featured animal was collected during high tide conditions of a mid-morning Scuba dive from a mixed dead/live stony coral reef. This animal was the first of two collected specimens; I've added a second page with two images of the second collected specimen, showing the parapodia closed and open in the same animal.

        Elysia cf. bennettae is very similar to Elysia bennettae and the margins of the parapodia of both animals have a narrow red or orange line as seen in some images on the Sea Slug Forum and the image shown in Marshall & Willan (1999). I'm calling this animal Elysia cf. bennettae based on information received from Clay Carlson (pers. comm., 15 Mar., 2000). Carlson & Hoff (1978) have also found this animal (as Elysia bennettae) in the water's of Guam and they mention the host for this animal is the filamentous green alga Chlorodesmis fastigiata, which would appear to be the alga in the above featured image.

* cf. See a short page, Miscellaneous Abbreviations, for an explanation.

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