Favorinus mirabilis Baba, 1955 (9mm)

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        Favorinus mirabilis is considered to be very rare on Okinawa; as of early May, 2000, I've collected only three individuals. In addition to the above adult animal, the additional two specimens have been juveniles from relatively deep water. Favorinus mirabilis is one of two species of Favorinus currently found on Okinawa; the other species is F. japonicus.

      F. mirabilis was originally described by Baba (1955) from Hayama, Sagami Bay, Japan. Baba's description was based on a single cream-colored specimen collected from 50-60m in August of 1950. I've included an image of Baba's original painting of the animal. This attractive little aeolid is apparently quite variable in color and Bill Rudman (1999, 2000) has a series of images from Guam, Japan, and the Marshall Islands posted on the Slug Forum, which nicely illustrate some of the variation.

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