Flabellina sp. 1 (6mm)
Photo by Atsushi Ono

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        I've not found Flabellina sp. 1 in the waters of Okinawa's main island as of the current date. Atsushi Ono considers Flabellina sp. 1 to be uncommon in the waters of the Keramas* and reports seeing more than ten individuals. The above featured animal was found by Atsushi in three meters of water from dead coral. The image of the above featured animal is used here with Atsushi's kind permission.

        I've previously featured on these pages a very similar appearing animal, Unknown Opisthobranch #1. This may well be the same species. Also, Keiu Suzuki (2000, p. 144, no. 216, labeled as Flabellina sp. 2) has a very similar 20mm animal from 25m in Izu Oceanic Park, Japan. See also Ono (2004, p. 242, #O-258 labeled as Flabellina sp. 1) for yet another similar individual.

        Prior to today's date I've featured five described Flabellina species from Okinawan waters. These previously featured species known from Okinawan waters are:

  • F. bicolor
  • F. delicata
  • F. exoptata
  • F. riwo
  • F. rubrolineata
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            * Keramas = the Kerama Islands Group, located 30 ~ 40 kilometers west of the Okinawa capitol, Naha.

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