Flabellina macassarana Berg, 1905 (ca. 20~25mm)
Photo by Shawn Miller

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Species Account:

        Flabellina macassarana is considered to be very rare in the waters of Okinawa's main island. I've never personally seen this animal here and the photographer, Shawn Miller, mentions seeing three individuals on his 13 November '12 dive, the only ones he's seen. Shawn found these animals on a large rope amid a sandy bottom environment and his images are used here with his kind permission. I've also added a second page with an additional image of Shawn's above two animals.

        This attractive little flabellinid is similar in appearance to a relatively common Flabellina species found in Okinawan waters, F. bicolor, previously featured on these pages. Richard Willan comments in re Flabellina macassarana on the on-line site, Nudi Pixel: "This aeolid nudibranch is characterised by its slender and lamellate rhinophores, by the pinkish to lilac translucent body, and by the dark orange ceratal tips. Flabellina bicolor is a similar species, but smaller and the orange rings on the cerata subapical."

        Flabellina macassarana is distributed in the Indo-West Pacific and it is one of six described Flabellina species presented on these pages. These six species known from Okinawan waters are:

  • F. bicolor
  • F. delicata
  • F. exoptata
  • F. macassarana - the above featured animal
  • F. riwo
  • F. rubrolineata
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