Flabellina rubrolineata (O'Donoghue, 1929) 14mm

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Species Account:

        Flabellina rubrolineata is considered to be very rare as this is the only specimen I've seen / collected here on Okinawa. The species was initially reported in Japan by Baba (1955: 26, pl. 13, as Coryphellina rubrolineata). The above featured animal was found crawling on a 2m vertical hydroid-covered spar, located in open sand approximately 30m from the pier itself. The pink body and cerata allowed the animal to stand out, even among the dense stand of hydroids.

        Flabellina rubrolineata is widely distributed in the Indo-Pacific tropics (Gosliner & Willan. 1991) and it is one of six described Flabellina species presented on these pages. These six species known from Okinawan waters are:

  • F. bicolor
  • F. delicata
  • F. exoptata
  • F. macassarana
  • F. riwo
  • F. rubrolineata - the above featured animal

    Literature Cited:

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