Glossodoris sp. 5 (11mm)

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Species Account:

        Glossodoris sp. 5 is considered to be very rare on Okinawa's main island as I have seen and collected a total of only two individuals. The above featured animal was collected during a mid-morning SCUBA excursion from the upper surface of a large patch of strewn coral rubble. I've added a second page with an image of the other collected specimen of this unknown species.

        Lindsay Warren (2002) has a series of images of a similar-appearing animal from South Africa posted on the Sea Slug Forum. Linsey's specimens have the gills lined in yellow but unfortunately I can't tell from the photographs of the Okinawan animals if the gills are equally yellow-lined. The two Okinawan specimens have both the gills and rhinophores at least tipped in yellow.

        There are currently nine described species of Glossodoris found in Okinawan waters which have previously been featured here on the site; in addition to the above featured unknown animal there is a series of unknown (undescribed?) Glossodoris species featured here as well. These featured animals are:

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