Glossodoris electra Rudman, 1990 (35mm)

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        Glossodoris electra is considered to be very rare in the waters of Okinawa's main island in as much as I've seen and collected only the single above featured individual. The animal was collected during a mid-morning SCUBA outing at the edge of an old sunken Pleistocene age reef over looking a drop off into deep waters. An image of the same individual is found in Gosliner, et al (2008, p. 237).

        The following description of G. electra is taken from Rudman (1990):

        The folded mantle, vibratile gills and narrow radular ribbon are all characteristic of the genus Glossodoris. In shape, this species is very similar to G. averni, but it differs in the colour of the mantle margin, bright red or orange in G. averni and bright yellow in G. electra sp. nov. Glossodoris averni also differs in having a coloured border to the foot which is absent in G. electra.
        Characteristic differences between these two species can be found in the radular morphology. In G. averni the denticles on each tooth are more pointed and usually more numerous, and in all teeth the cusp is separate from and usually distinctly larger than the denticles alongside. This is quite different from G. electra sp. nov. where the denticles and the cusp are indistinguishable in shape and size by the middle of each half-row. In the outer teeth of G. electra the denticles are arranged around the palmate end of the tooth, whereas in G. averni they are always down the outside edge of the tooth.

        The above mentioned similar appearing species referenced by Rudman, Glossodoris averni, was previously featured on these pages. Incidentally, Bill Rudman (1999) has an excellent photo of Glossodoris electra posted the Sea Slug Forum.

        There are currently ten described species of Glossodoris found in Okinawan waters which have previously been featured here on the site; in addition to the above featured unknown animal there is a series of unknown (undescribed?) Glossodoris species featured here as well. These featured animals are:


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