Glossodoris symmetricus Rudman, 1990 (42mm)

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        Glossodoris symmetricus is a rare animal here on Okinawa; only two specimens have been seen and collected as of this date (14 December, 1998). This beautiful animal was described by Rudman (1990) and the designated holotype is from Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean.

        The mantle of Glossodoris symmetricus is translucent white with a broad irregular opaque white line at the mid-dorsum and the edge of the mantle bears a narrow red line. The irregular opaque white mid-dorsal line is quite similar to the pattern seen in G. pallida. Certainly the animal which most closely resembles G. symmetricus on Okinawa is G. averni, but its red marginal line is much broader and it lacks the mid-dorsal white patch of G. symmetricus.

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