Goniodoris felis Baba, 1949 (9mm)

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        Goniodoris felis is considered to be very rare on Okinawa; only a single individual has been collected as of early July, 2000. The animal was described by Baba (1949) from a single specimen collected in August of 1939 from Sagami Bay (specimen collected from "shallow water"), Japan. I've included a colored illustration from Baba's original description (Baba, 1949, Plate XVI, fig. 54) of the species. More recently it's been reported from Hong Kong (Rudman & Darvell, 1990) and Ono (In: Rudman, The Slug Forum, September 12, 1999).

        The above featured animal was collected from 12m on a vertical wall at the reef edge covered with miscellaneous encrusting and free standing populations (bryozoa, cnidaria, porifera, etc.).

        Goniodoris felis is one of two described species of Goniodoris known from Okinawa's main island. These two species are:

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