Gymnodoris inornata (Bergh, 1880) 60mm

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        Rudman (2001) comments in the Sea Slug Forum that Gymnodoris inornata ranges in color from translucent yellow to deep reddish orange and has slightly raised, darker colored pustules. The above featured animal has a delightful deep dark red color. The gills are numerous and short, and form a complete circle.

        Leslie Chan (2001) has several remarkable photographs from Hong Kong posted on the Sea Slug Forum showing G. inornata feeding and reproduction (several of the Chan animals are very similar in color to the above featured animal). In addition, Helen Hughes (1985) has an interesting account concerning the feeding by G. inornata in Hong Kong as well. Her studies were laboratory based and included a series of trials where individuals of were placed in tanks with potential prey species. Jun Imamoto & Nishina Masayoshi have a series of photographs of G. inornata including the Keramas.

        Gymnodoris inornata is considered to be rare in Okinawa's main island, however, in the Kerama Islands Group Atsushi Ono reports seeing over thirty individuals there (pers. comm.). I've collected four specimens from Okinawa's main island; I've also included A second page illustrating two additional individuals from the Keramas, including one with ova.

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