Halgerda carlsoni Rudman, 1978 (48mm)

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Species Account:

        Halgerda carlsoni is considered to be uncommon on Okinawa; although I've collected eleven individuals (the first one found on the 29th of April, 1984), perhaps another score or so have been seen and many of these photographed. The above featured animal was found in 50m crawling on the surface at the transitional point between mixed sand/coral rubble and open sand.

        This highly attractive discodorid is characterized by a large series of minute spots located between the prominent orange tipped tubercles. The species is apparently associated with a complex of similar appearing Halgerda, which are difficult to separate from each other. H. carlsoni was described by Rudman (1978) in honor of Mr. Bruce Carlson, University of the South Pacific, Fiji.

        As of early June, 2016, fourteen described species of Halgerda have been featured on these pages from Okinawa's main island and the Keramas. These fourteen species are:

  • H. albocristata
  • H. batangas
  • H. brunneomaculata
  • H. carlsoni - The featured animal above
  • H. dalanghita
  • H. diaphana
  • H. elegans
  • H. malesso
  • H. okinawa
  • H. onna
  • H. paliensis
  • H. tessellata
  • H. wasinensis
  • H. willeyi
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