Halgerda willeyi Eliot, 1904 (67mm)

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        Halgerda willeyi is a relatively large discodorid, considered uncommon on Okinawa; thirteen individuals have been collected since the first Okinawan specimen was collected on the sixteenth of October, 1984. H. willeyi is one of thirty-five described species of Halgerda, all found within the Indo-Pacific (Fahey & Gosliner, 2001). As of mid-October, 2001, eleven of the thirty-five described species are found in Okinawan waters (H. diaphana and H. onna are unique to the Ryukyu Archipelago*). As of early June, 2016, fourteen described species of Halgerda have been featured on these pages from Okinawa's main island and the Keramas. These fourteen species are:

  • H. albocristata
  • H. batangas
  • H. brunneomaculata
  • H. carlsoni
  • H. dalanghita
  • H. diaphana
  • H. elegans
  • H. malesso
  • H. okinawa
  • H. onna
  • H. paliensis
  • H. tessellata
  • H. wasinensis
  • H. willeyi - The featured animal above
  •         The above featured animal was found crawling on the upper surface of coral rubble in an area of mixed sand and strewn coral rubble during a mid-morning SCUBA dive. I've not found H. willeyi in association with any prey species; Marshall & Willan (1999) suggest that it probably feeds on siliceous sponges. I've included three additional images, illustrating some of the variation seen in the Okinawan material.

    * Okinawa is the largest of approximately seventy-two islands making up the Ryukyu Archipelago which stretches for 600km.

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