Haminoea cymbalum (Quoy & Gaimard, 1835) 19mm

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Species Account:

        Haminoea cymbalum is a common member of the Okinawan opisthobranch fauna, at least at the popular SCUBA site, Horseshoe Cliffs. This delightful little cephalaspidean is seasonal here, being commonly found between May and October. It's not unusual to find these animals in sinuous head to tail chains of up to 10 individuals. The animals are frequently found on and around the brown alga, Acathophora spicerifera, along with their light green egg masses. I've added a second page, showing additional images of H. cymbalum from Okinawa's main island, including trailing behavior, ova, and shell.

        In addition to the above featured animal, I've previously presented on these pages the following four members of the genus from Okinawan waters:

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