Hermaea cf. bifida (Montagu, 1815) 8mm

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        Hermaea cf.* bifida is considered to be very rare in the waters of Okinawa's main island as I have seen and collected a total of two individuals; both animals were collected at the same time and place and the two specimens were found within 2m of each other on a mixed live/dead stony coral reef. This animal is similar to the Northern Atlantic animal from European waters Hermaea bifida, but should perhaps be designated as Hermaea cf. bifida.

        There are images of several of these animals posted on the Sea Slug Forum, including a 10mm animal from Sunabe, Okinawa, collected from 20m and submitted by Kunihiro Takahashi. Other images of Hermaea cf. bifida on the forum are from South Korea and Hachijo Island, Japan.

       I've added a second page showing two different images of the above featured animal as well as an image of the smaller (4mm) specimen.

* cf. See a short page, Miscellaneous Abbreviations, for an explanation.

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