Jun Imamoto
(photo: January, 2004, Amami-Oshima Island, Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan)

        Jun Imamoto is a computer systems engineer and he is a resident of the Amami-Oshima Islands, Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan. He formerly resided near Sagami Bay in Kanagawa Prefecture (mainland Japan), however he recently made a move in December of 2003 to his current residence in the Amami-Oshima Islands. He has been diving for a relatively short period of time but has made numerous dives during this period. In addition to diving in the Kerama Islands he has also dived and photographed in the Amami-Oshima Islands, Hachijo Island, Sagami Bay (Manazuru, Izu-Shimoda), Suruga Bay (Osezaki, Futou), and Wakasa Bay (Echizen Japan-sea). He is a Japanese Three-I Master Diver.

        Jun's camera preferences are as follows:

        Jun is the Web Master of an opisthobranch site (Jun Imamoto's Sea Slug Site), featuring numerous first-rate images. The site is set up to view written information in both English and Japanese. He features well over 400 described species of opisthobranchs found in Japanese waters (covering more than 50 families), with, in many cases multiple images of the species.


NOTE: See the photo links featuring images kindly furnished by Jun for the Okinawa Slug Site.

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