Marionia sp. 2 (95mm)

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        Marionia sp. 2 is considered to be rare on Okinawa; five specimens have been collected during many years of diving here. Hikaru Nakada (2002) has several excellent images of this apparently undescribed animal from Okinawa posted on the Sea Slug Forum (Hikaru's images of a 130mm plus animal are from Maeda-saki, approximately 2km W of the site where the Seragaki animals were collected).

        Marionia species are known to prey on xeniid soft corals (Gosliner, et al, 1996), however, Marionia sp. 2 was not found associated with any definitive prey.

I've added a second page with images of ova from the above animal as well as images of the other four collected specimens.

        Marionia sp. 2 is one of several undescribed species of Marionia from Okinawan waters. As of mid-January, 2013, I've featured four unknown (undescribed?) species on thses pages. These four are:

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