Nakamigawaia sp. 1 (largest of six: 8mm)

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Frequency on Okinawa: Collection Data:
[brackets indicate range for all Okinawa-collected specimens of the species]

Species Account:

        Nakamigawaia sp. 1 is considered to be rare on Okinawa's main island; nine specimens have been collected (six of the nine were simultaneously collected) and several others have been seen, but neither photographed nor collected. The above featured animals were collected from the surface of a large patch of sand, amid numerous fragments of coral rubble. Like other darkly pigmented opisthobranchs, Nakamigawaia sp. 1 doesn't lend itself to being photographed particularly well, resulting in the above image without much detail. This could possibly be Nakamigawaia spiralis Kuroda & Habe, 1961, but I'm unable to make this determination at the present time.

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