Nembrotha kubaryana Bergh, 1877 (size not recorded)
Photo by Rob van Woesik

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Species Account:

        Nembrotha kubaryana is, as of this date (October, 2004), unknown from Okinawa (Okinawajima) proper. By way of explanation for including this attractive polycerid on the Okinawan Slug Site, I've included the following information: Okinawa Prefecture, Japan's southwesternmost prefecture, consists of 50 inhabited and 110 uninhabited islands scattered over an area 1,000km from east to west and 400km from north to south. The islands are divided into three major groups: the Okinawa island group, the Miyako island group, and the Yaeyama island group. Okinawa island is by far the largest of the three major groups and it includes the Kerama Islands, including Aka Island (Akajima, approximately 40km west of Naha City, Okinawa), from where the featured animal was photographed.

        The above featured animal was photographed by Rob van Woesik* on 6 October, 2000 in 7m of water and he has kindly allowed the image to be presented here. Rob used a Sony Cybershot DSC-S70 camera, with a Carl Zeiss Lens (2/7-21) and a custom made housing for the above camera by DIV, Tokyo. Atsushi Ono (1999, p. 60 & 2004, p. 109) has also photographed N. kubaryana from the Kerama Islands.

        Previously I've featured several members of the genus Nembrotha on these pages and as of the current date, there are several described and undescribed species reported from Okinawan waters. These featured animals are as follows:

  • N. guttata
  • N. kubaryana The above featured animal
  • N. lineolata
  • N. livingstonei
  • N. milleri
  • N. species 1
  • *Formerly at the Department of Marine Sciences, University of the Ryukyus, Nishihara, Okinawa. Currently with the Department of Biological Sciences, Florida Institute of Technology.

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