Noumea crocea Rudman, 1986 (14mm)

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Species Account:

        Noumea crocea is a small, beautiful, and relatively rare chromodorid only occasionally seen on Okinawa. I have seen and collected a total of seven individuals; the first one was collected in early July of 1987, and the most recent was found in mid-May, 1994.

        At first appearance, Noumea crocea looks to be a Glossodoris species which typically is in possession of an obvious mid-mantle constriction, but the usually bright yellow or green color and pinched mid-body of N. crocea separate this animal from Glossodoris species as well as most other Okinawan dorids (N. flava, which is also only rarely found here, is similar in size, color, and external morphology, but it has a narrow red emarginated line at the mantle edge).

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