Noumea simplex (Pease, 1871) 12mm

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        Noumea simplex is considered to be uncommon on Okinawa as I have collected only nine specimens, with the first one being found on on the fourteenth of June, 1990. These small chromodorids are found in several color forms, ranging from white to pink; all individuals found to date (December, 1999) here on Okinawa are of the white form, although a few have a very slight, barely perceptible pink cast, as does this 10mm specimen collected from nine meters. Bill Rudman (1998) illustrates several of the animals exhibiting a pink color on the Sea Slug Forum. Also, N. simplex is known to be wide spread in the tropical Pacific (Rudman, 1995).

        The above featured animal was collected during a late morning SCUBA excursion; it was found crawling in the open near the base of a vertical rock wall at the reef edge. The wall itself was covered with a vast assortment of encrusting bryozoans, poriferans, and miscellaneous cnidarians.

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