Phyllidia varicosa (juvenile) (14mm)

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Species Account:

        This is a juvenile Phyllidia varicosa. This animal was featured earlier as Phyllidia sp. 2. Richard Willan (pers. comm.) kindly pointed out that it "is almost certainly a baby P. varicosa, that hasn't yet made any yellow pigment because its so small. . . . Though very juvenile, this animal does have strong rhinotubercles and a mid-dorsal ridge crowned with pustules that convince me it is P. varicosa."

        The animal was collected from a live stony coral reef from a dive site referred to as "Popeye's Dive Area", near Odo Village, Okinawa. The dive site is located near the southern tip of Okinawa's main island (see location 18 on the Okinawa Map). The two associated images are the only ones I have of this particular juvenile and the images are obviously not very good, to say the least. I've added a second image of the same specimen onto a second page.

        In addition to the above featured juvenile, I've previously presented on these pages the following described members of the genus, as well as an unknown species, from Okinawan waters:

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