Phyllidiopsis annae Brunckhorst, 1993 (10mm)

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        Phyllidiopsis annae is considered to be very rare on Okinawa as I have collected a total of only four individuals since the first specimen was collected on the 7th of July, 1991. This small, attractive little phyllidiid is one of eight species of described Phyllidiopsis found in Okinawan waters as of mid-July, 2007. The eight Okinawan species are:

        Of the above seven species, only two closely resemble Phyllidiopsis annae; P. sphingis and P. striata, but of the three, P. annae is the only one having black rhinophores. In addition, Brunckhorst (1993) provides the following distinguishing external characteristics for P. annae:

". . . three low, granular blue ridges, a granular blue mantle skirt, four intervening longitudinal black stripes, and predominantly grey ventral colouration including very dark oral tentacles".

        The above featured animal was found crawling in the open on the upper surface of a slab of coral rubble in a mixed sand & coral rubble habitat. I've included a second individual showing a bit of variation from that of the above featured animal.

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