Phyllidia coelestis Bergh, 1905 (photo only, size unrecorded)

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        Phyllidia coelestis is considered to be uncommon on Okinawa, although I've seen perhaps a score or so of these mid-sized phyllidiids and photographed a half dozen of them, only a single specimen has been collected as of February, 2000.

        Two, sometimes very similar appearing species, P. elegans and P. varicosa are sometimes confused with P. coelestis. Both P. elegans and P. varicosa have a longitudinal black stripe on the crawling surface of the foot, whereas P. coelestis is devoid of the stripe. Brunckhorst (1993) lists a series of helpful characters which serve to distinguish this animal from others of the genus, but I find the absence of the foot stripe is a relatively convenient way to segregate this animal from other similar phyllidiids while on SCUBA.

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